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SCADA Security/Surveillance Devices

PureTech SystemsPureTech Systems brings you PureActiv™, an automated outdoor video surveillance system that addresses critical security threats to safeguard lives, facilities, and other high-value assets. While there are some similarities to more traditional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), the PureActiv™ solution provides security professionals with accurate and reliable real-time alarms and video of suspicious activity in outdoor and remote environments while minimizing nuisance alarms. By incorporating PureTech’s innovative geographic map presentation, advanced object detection and tracking, fence intrusion detection, automated camera steering, scalable video distribution, and automated security policy response, the PureActiv™ solution provides world-class situational awareness and proactive management of outdoor security threats to lives, critical facilities and assets. For more information, download the PureActiv™ .pdf file. (3.5 MB)

PureActive Demo

See a Flash demonstration of PureActiv™
(7.9 MB file - opens in a new window.)

AxisSince its founding in 1967, Vicon has specialized in the development, production and sale of sophisticated video systems principally for high-end security and surveillance market applications. In over 40 countries, Vicon products and systems have been utilized by users to safeguard and protect people and assets.

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