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MS4 Permitting Software

CBI Systems
CBI Systems offers the MS4 Permit Manager™ and MS4web™ software which are designed to serve as a comprehensive SWMP database specifically to assist Phase I and II MS4's in meeting centralized records and annual reporting requirements.


MS4web™ is a completely web-driven system that is now available as a powerful new approach for MS4 entities! Take advantage of the new web application for the perfect solution for larger municipalities who wish to simplify record management across the Internet.

MS4 Web™ brings the convenience of a fully web-hosted database solution for
Phase I & II MS4 operators.

Ms4web™ features include:

  • Real time inspection record keeping
  • Web enabled field computers like Tablet PCs or Tuff Book style computers
  • Third party data entry (i.e. Consultants, Construction Contractors)
  • Enhanced security settings with simple security profile establishment

  Tracking data and activity is an integral part of any successful MS4 Program. Our software allows you to track all compliance data and activity. You can also manage all of your inspections while being able to produce reports and forms throughout the permit year.
Track, map, and inspect Outfalls.

  GIS mapping is a great way to help you visually manage various aspects of your MS4 program. MS4web comes with an ArcGIS application that allows you to map the information from your MS4web database and see your results geographically.
Add points to the map while in the field.

  Compliance reporting and improving the results of your MS4 program year over year is the goal everyone is trying to achieve. Our software allows you to generate multiple types of reports along with an annual report that is exportable so you can make the necessary adjustments to fit the particular needs of your program.
Attach files and photos.

Dedicated support and service is a vital part of what CBI Systems provides along with our software to help make sure your MS4 program is successful. It's important to know that we are continuously working to improve our software in order to keep pace with the ever changing stormwater industry.

MS4 Permit Manager

MS4 Permit Manager
The latest release of the popular MS4 Permit Manager™ 5 software is now available. The new release includes many of the previous features along with a list of powerful new tools that help streamline permit compliance and reporting activities.

MS4 Permit Manager™ is designed to serve as a comprehensive SWMP database specifically to assist Phase I and II MS4's in meeting centralized records and annual reporting requirements. Data is stored for each of the program BMP's from the SWMP Development Tool and provides BMP to Annual Report level reporting capabilities. All reports can be saved and opened directly into a standard word processing program for customization. For existing Phase I and II permit programs, the existing SWMP can be readily entered into the SWMP Development format to setup data collection for implementation tracking and Annual Report development.

New features in version 5 include:

  • Field data collection for field inspections with simple "one-button" synchronization
  • Additional reporting and navigation capabilities
  • Speedy data entry and enhanced photo and linked files handling
  • Enhanced enforcement actions tracking
  • Smoother integration with gis solutions

Additional features included in the MS4 Permit Manager

  • SWMP development and implementation
  • Track outfalls, construction sites, structural controls, facilities, illicit discharge
  • Track citizen reports and training records
  • Produce annual reports
  • Link unlimited photos and documents
  • Built-in GIS map functionality

The MS4 Permit Manager™ is a Visual Basic™ application which will operate on a Pentium III or better personal computer utilizing Windows 98™ or higher operating system. The database structure is open to allow integration of the data into other programs such as GIS.

Environmental Benefits
Use of the MS4 Permit Manager™ will drastically reduce the time and effort required to apply for, manage and develop reports for compliance with Phase I and II MS4 storm water permits.

The traditional method for similar activities involves manual document development and data management. More efficient permit implementation will promote better compliance with the goal of storm water pollution reduction and prevention.

Regulatory Compliance Benefits
The MS4 Permit Manager™ is a technological solution for developing and implementing a municipal storm water permit administered by the EPA or state permitting authorities. The software provides an integrated tool which can be used by all permitees to develop required permit application materials, track and maintain data associated with implementation tasks, and simply generate annual reports required by the permitting authority(ies). The permit term runs for five years.

Cost Savings Benefits
According to the Use of MS4 Permit Manager™ has been known to limit permit application development costs to under $20,000 compared to known costs of over $150,000 for similar work without the technology.


CBI Systems

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